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For All Residencies

/What you should bring at least
-Bath towel/face towel x 3 days
-Laundry bag, etc.
(bag with no visible contents such as underwear, etc.)
-Laundry rope, etc.

/For those staying at "Togatta Residence 044" and "ManYaoCha"
-We will be given a "Hot Spring" bathing ticket.

/Emergency Contact
090-8615-9054(Massa / Masanori Satoh)
080-5229-6026(Kioca / Kioca Nagai)

/Regarding garbage sorting
-"Yellow bags" as burnable/non-burnable trash
Burnable and non-burnable garbage share the same bags, but please sort them separately.

-"Transparent bags" as recyclable garbage
Please use fine cardboard or paper, and tie magazines, etc.
together with the string provided.

Plastic bottles:
Please put labels and caps in plastic waste, and rinse the bottles themselves with water

Plastic waste:
Styrofoam containers, Food wrap, etc.

Empty cans in general (aluminum and still cans need not be separated)

Separate brown/ non-colored / other colors

/Other Requests
-Open Studios
Open studios on Saturdays and Sundays should be open as much as possible,
allowing various people to come and go as they please.
(For Togatta Residence 044, we would like to have open studios from 14:00 to 16:00
on weekdays as much as possible.
We would appreciate it if you could interact
with elementary and junior high school students on their way home from school.)

-We will arrange a schedule, that we would appreciate your participation in meetings
with elementary and junior high schools in the early of the residence period.


Togatta Residence 044(Site A) / ManYaoCha(Site C)

Garbage Dump
Dump days: Please follow the garbage schedule calendar.
Dump site: See the following fig.(near the red mailbox)
Dump hours: 5:00-9:00 on the same day


The public bathhouse "Kami-no-yu" (Hot Spring)
Hours of use: 9:00-14:00 / 16:00-19:30 (closed at 20:00)

If you would like to use the showers, etc. outside of these hours,
please use the showers at Site C "ManYaoCha".
(However, it is a public water supply)

Laundry, etc.
Please use the washing machine and dryer attached to Togatta Residence 044.

Short Stay House (Site A)

Site E



​※SSID is hidden, so please type it in manually.


Garbage Dump
Dump day: Anytime
Dump site: Entrance to the villa area(the above fig.)
Dump hours: Anytime

The bath is a hot spring.
Please do not leave the bath water running, and be sure to turn it off when it is full.
(If the water is left running for more than 40 minutes, the gas automatically shuts off.)

Laundry, etc.
Please use the washing machine provided.
If you wish to use the dryer,
please use the coin-operated laundry in the Active Resorts Miyagi-Zao hotel.

Linen Changing
The linen will be changed every other Monday with Aug.8 as the standard date (pillowcases/sheets).
<Linen exchange dates: Aug.8,22 / Sep.5,19 / Oct.3,17>

If you soiled the linen, we will give you new linen,
Please bring the soiled linen to "Linen Change" (Daiwa Villa Management Office) between 9:00-18:00.
You will receive new linens for the number of guests.

Other requests
Please greet your neighbors when you move in or move out.
The fireplace is out of order, so please do not use it.
Please do not use the fireplace.
If you are visiting by car, please ask them to park in the alley on the side of the road.
Please be aware that you may encounter antelope, wild boars, etc. at night.

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